PSA Submissions

Value through Regular submissions services are still suspended until further notice from PSA. We can still take submissions at Express or higher.

Table Salt Games is now offering the following service levels for PSA Submissions. 

Weekly Wednesday Drop Offs:

Value TCG: $25 per card, value after grading $499 and under

Regular: $115 per card, value after grading $999 and under

Express: $170 per card, value after grading $2,499 and under

Immediate Drop Offs: (Same or next business day)

Super Express: $400 per card, value after grading $4,999 and under

Walk-Through: $730 per card, value after grading $9,999 and under

Premium: $1150 per card, value after grading $24,999 and under

For even higher levels of service, please contact us.

Our Advantage

Ease of Delivery

Due to the close nature of PSA headquarters, we at Table Salt Games hand deliver your cards for PSA submissions directly to the staff at PSA. Once your cards are graded, we will be notified by PSA and we can immediately pick up your graded cards and get them straight into your hands. Another benefit is the complete elimination of the chance that your cards get lost en route to PSA through the mail system.

Hassle Free

Our staff will take care of the entire submission process for you. All you have to do is drop off your cards to our storefront located at 211 W 4th St. Once at the store you can pay hassle-free for PSA's grading service, and we will notify you once we pick up your cards from PSA. 

Supplies On Us

The cost of all materials needed to submit your cards to PSA is included in your payment. Once the cards are returned to us by PSA we will put the graded PSA slabs into a resealable PSA sleeve free of charge.

Faster Turnaround Times

Due to our proximity to PSA, we hand deliver your cards to PSA, skipping the backlog of shipments that are waiting to be catalogued. This in turn speeds up the turnaround time.