Sell or Trade Us Your Bulk

Our Bulk Rates

(Add an Extra 10% for Store Credit)

Basic Energy / World Championship $0.01 / 4
Code Cards $0.01 / ea.
Common / Uncommon $0.01 / ea.
Rare $0.04 / ea.
Reverse Holo $0.05 / ea.
Holo $0.08 / ea.
Promo V / Break $0.25 / ea.
EX / GX / V $0.50 / ea.

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Common $0.01 / 2
Rare $0.01 / ea.
DT / Starfoil / Super / Shatterfoil $0.02 / ea.
Ultra Rare $0.03 / ea.
Secret Rare $0.04 / ea.
Ultimate Rare $0.20 / ea.
Ghost Rare $1.00 / ea.

Common / Uncommon $0.02 / ea.
Rare $0.03 / ea.

How To Submit

  • Bulk cards must be ENGLISH, Near Mint, and Authentic. Any cards received that are not in the above conditions will be removed from the final count, are either donated, or returned at your expense.
  • First contact us with the form below, making sure to indicate the amount of each type of card in your bulk submission and your desired form of payment (cash or store credit).
  • Please allow 1-2 business days for our confirmation email before sending in your bulk.
  • It is highly recommended that you ship your bulk by wrapping them in bundles of 100 using either paper or cling wrap. We also recommend using the flat rate boxes from USPS for shipping your bulk. We are not responsible for any damage to cards incurred during shipping.
  • Please allow 7 - 10 business days after we receive bulk for processing.  Times may vary depending on amount of bulk received.
  • If you happen to be local to us, you can also just stop by our store, but please leave us a message beforehand so we are prepared.
  • For any questions, feel free to contact us on socials or live chat.


Please wait for our email reply before submitting your bulk to:

Table Salt Games
17911 Sky Park Cir, Ste F
Irvine, CA 92614