PSA Submission Terms of Service

  1. The return date given is an estimate provided by PSA. Table Salt Games cannot guarantee that a card is returned by the estimated date. Table Salt Games cannot provide a guarantee on the return date for any cards submitted through this service.
  2. Service Fees and Charges are liable to changes in pricing made by PSA. 
    1. If PSA increases their grading service fees while your cards are being processed by Table Salt Games, we will contact you with the details about any changes in pricing structure. If you choose to not pay the difference, we will refund the services charges with store credit. If you choose to pay the difference, then the payment must be received within 30 days of receiving notices of pricing changes. The cards will be submitted at the earliest possible submission date after the payment is received.
    2. If PSA decides that the graded value of your cards exceeds the declared value of your chosen service level, Table Salt Games will pay the upcharge, so that the grading process can proceed. Once the card is returned to our storefront from PSA, Table Salt Games will invoice you the difference as well as any applicable credit card or transaction fees. Payment must be received within 30 days of us sending the invoice. Should you refuse to pay the difference in charges or payment is not received within 30 days, we reserve the right to sell your card to pay the difference in service charges. Proceeds from the sale of the card will be returned to the you after deduction of the following:
      1. Difference in PSA service level fees 
      2. Transaction and Shipping fees
      3. 10% Consignment fees
  3. Table Salt Games cannot guarantee the grades of any cards submitted to PSA. The following service provided by us is solely the submission of your cards to PSA. Any and all grades are granted by PSA.
  4. Once the cards are submitted to PSA, PSA is liable for your cards. If your cards are lost, damaged, or stolen after submission to PSA, PSA will reimburse you the fair market value of your cards as determined by PSA and up to the maximum declared value of your selected service level.
  5. By agreeing to the following terms, you also agree to any and all terms assigned by PSA. The following terms and conditions can be found at the following link.